How to connect M-Bus equipment to the Box/Hub?

Requirements to connect an M-bus equipment to the Box/Hub

The Mbus bus is a serial bus powered by the master (Box or Hub) with 37V, the Box/Hub can handle natively 3.6mA (3*UL) on the bus.
Note: Be sure to check this information on your targeted bus, otherwise it will not work correctly.

Connect a Mbus equipment

To connect correctly the Box/Hub on the bus, you will have to check the address of all the types of equipment on the network and pick an available one for the Box/HUB.
Then in your configuration Tool, you should be able to fill in the required parameters:

NB: Sometimes, you will meet types of equipment using a secondary address, we will be compliant with this setup very soon

Read a property in a Mbus equipment

To read a property in a M-bus equipment, you'll have to know two required pieces of information.
For each properties:
- DIF + DIFE length
- VIF + VIFE length

*DIF: Data Information Field
*DIFE: Data Information Field Extension
*VIF: Value Information Field
*VIFE: Value Information Field Extension

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