LPB - Connecting to the Wattsense Box/Hub

Requirements to connect an LPB equipement to the Box/Hub

Here is a view of the parameters you will need to fill in order to create your LPB equipment:

Network requirements:

First of all, you'll need information for your Box/Hub:
-> An available segment number and Device number
The default parameters that we recommend for the segment number is 2 and for the device number 16


Equipment requirements:

In order to read data from equipment you'll have to fill these blanks:
In the previous example the equipment parameters would be:
-> Segment number: 1
-> Device number: 2 or 3

Property requirements:

Here are the parameters that you'll need to fill if your equipment is not available in our database.

"Access Type" would be: READ ONLY or WRITE ONLY
For "Data Format" you'll have a list of our supported data format, you'll choose the one corresponding to your property.
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