Connect a LoRaWAN device to the Box/HUB

Requirements to connect a LoRaWAN device to the Box/HUB

In order to connect your Lorawan device to our Box/HUB you'll need to have in mind these informations:

1. If your Lorawan device is not in our compatibility checker that means that we don't have the associated codec.
            -> You will have access to the Raw payload of your device, but it won't be decoded by our services
            -> Feel free to ask us to add the codec you need (the sooner the best)

2. You will have to get some information (see below), these parameters will be sent to you by the manufacturer/supplier and they are mandatory for the process.

3. The lorawan network works with what is called a JOIN process, during this process the sensor will send a JOIN request and the BOX/HUB will accept it.
            -> So you will need to configure the Box/Hub BEFORE doing the JOIN process, otherwise the sensor will send the JOIN but nothing will happen.

Here is the information you will need to set up your loRaWAN device in our Box/Hub:

  1. DevEUI / AppEUI / Application Key are the parameters given by your supplier.
  2. CodecID : will be the codec associated with your device.

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